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  • Anglais Paris


    "Each volume of the series Fascination Cities contains more than 500 breathtaking photos by the world s best urban photographers that will take you on a fascinating tour through each city, introducing you to the attractions, people, culture and unique atmosphere. Comprehensive captions provide detailed information on each image. Special pages devoted to art, culture, customs and more make for fascinating insights. Each volume in this outstanding series starts off with an introduction to the city s history. The most important periods are illustrated in a timeline. Detailed city maps pinpoint all the main sights with different symbols"

  • Anglais Inguide Paris


    More than 400 superb photographs and cityscapes. Important adresses, websites and telephone numbers. Guided walks through the nicest districts. Personal note page. Pull-out map.

  • Anglais The Paris book


    "Paris is still this monstrous miracle, this collection of movements, machines and thoughts that arouse nothing but amazement, the city of a hundred thousand novels, the head of the world." Balzac's observation is as valid today as it was then. The city has been praised in song, provided atmospheric backdrop for countless films and novels, served as the center for the French chanson style, and is for many stil( the "City of Love". Indeed, it is often love at first sight, sitting over a café crème or a pastis in a street café in the lively Quartier Latin, admiring the panorama from Sacré-Coeur, enjoying a romantic cruise along the Seine, taking a relaxing stroll in the Jardin du Luxembourg, or just standing in front of one of the important works of art in a museum - virtually no one can resist the charm of this metropolis. THE PARIS BOOK invites you to embark on a fascinating journey through this glorious city and reveals its endless variety in brilliant color photos and informative texts. Foldout panorama photos provide spectacular views of the metropolis, which, as a center of culture, intellectualism and savoir-vivre, has long attracted artists, scholars, adventurers and anyone with a thirst for life. Page after page you will be shown a new perspective on thé highlights of the city Hemingway described as "a moveable feast".