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'A wise and witty drama of small-town life . . . delivering the generous humour, keen ear for dialogue, and deep appreciation for humanity's foibles that have endeared the author to his readers for decades' Publishers Weekly

Ten years after the death of the magnetic Donald 'Sully' Sullivan, the town of North Bath is going through a major transition as it is taken over by its much wealthier neighbour, Schuyler Springs. Peter, Sully's son, is still grappling with his father's tremendous legacy as well as his relationship to his own son, Thomas, wondering if he has been all that different a father than Sully was to him.

Meanwhile, the towns' newly consolidated police department falls into the hands of Charice Bond following the resignation of Doug Raymer, the former North Bath police chief and Charice's ex-boyfriend.

When a decomposing body turns up in the abandoned hotel situated between the two towns, Charice and Raymer are drawn together again and forced to address their complicated attraction to one another. Across town, Ruth, Sully's married ex-lover, struggles to understand her granddaughter, Tina, and her growing obsession with Peter's other son, Will. Amidst the turmoil, the town's residents speculate on the identity of the unidentified body and wonder who among their number could have disappeared unnoticed.

Brimming with warmth, wisdom and Russo's signature wry humour, Somebody's Fool is another classic from a modern master of storytelling.

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    Richard Russo

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    Atlantic Books

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Richard Russo

  • Pays : Etats-unis
  • Langue : Anglais (etats-unis)

Né en 1949 aux États-Unis, Richard Russo a longtemps
enseigné la littérature à l'université. Il se consacre désormais à
l'écriture de scénarios et de romans dans sa maison du Maine.
Ailleurs est son neuvième livre publié à Quai Voltaire après
Un homme presque parfait (1995), Un rôle qui me convient
(1998), Le Déclin de l'empire Whiting (2002, Prix Pulitzer),
Le Phare de Monhegan (2004), Quatre saisons à Mohawk
(2005), Le Pont des Soupirs (2008), Les sortilèges du Cap Cod
(2010) et Mohawk (2011).