Piet Mondrian

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L'art en jeu is a series of books to help children discover the art of the 20th and 21st centuries. As the pages turn, a work of art is revealed through the unfolding of images, questions, graphic surprises, games... An invitation to look at today's art in a playful way.
New York City: red, yellow and blue rectangles. Vertical and horizontal lines intersecting. To infinity. Games of hiding and cutting explore these variable geometries. The author of the book astutely reveals how Mondrian, penetrated and nourished by the frenzy of New York, arrived at this refined representation, like a window on the New World.

Rayons : Jeunesse > Livres d'activités > Activités artistiques

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    Sophie Curtil

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    Centre Pompidou

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    Art En Jeu

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